Hi - I finished your book last night. I cried a bit.... You have lived several lifetimes, haven't you? The book needs to be published! It's not just for people going though the same or similar thing, but it also helps people understand who have not been in similar circumstances.
By Kim Lamont

Jo, the book will have the same effect on strangers. I didn't know you that well when I read it on your website and I had to stop every so often and breathe. As I was reading it I was actually holding my breath or shallow breathing and that is how moving it was to read it. I can tell you I cried at times. If I had to use one word to describe it - it would be "raw". It is painful and touching. It's sad and also happy. It has made me appreciate my life all the more. It made me realize the mountains that I thought were in front of me and that I climbed over were mere hills compared to what others have endured.
By Joanne Sinatra

Joanna...I've just finished reading your book, all in one day. Thank you for posting it. I hope you are looking for a way to publish it in hard copy form. I laughed; I cried; I learned and I copied down a few quotes of "yours". Therefore, in my humble, non-professional, but seasoned-reader's opinion, you should consider publishing it. I would be honored to obtain a copy. I hope that would be possible someday.
I especially love the title, "Why Whisper?" and Danny's admonition to "just tell the truth." It speaks so strongly to the situation our family is in and I think about daily, "Why Whisper? Let's just tell the truth!" My son ended his life in November 2008. Thank you for sharing your family's experience. Obviously, each of your family members has arrived at a place in their grief healing to permit you to be so candid. Hopefully, one day each of my family members will reach that point.
By kukunaokala

I smiled (thinking that was the Danny I knew) I cried because of the parts of him I didn't know, and the pain, love and pride you felt because as a mother I totally understand! I could see his smile, his eyes with that sparkle and faintly hear his voice. You gave me the insight to something so important and you will never know how grateful I am. You told of Danny's horrible addictions and his lowest points, but yet at the end of the book how you said how grateful you were to have him in your life, you know unconditional love and showed continually. And when I buy my copy of your book, I will be coming to have it signed.
By Debra Cardente

I got up Saturday morning, brushed my teeth, made a cup of tea, and headed to the computer. I started your book and didn't even get up... I finished it all in one sitting. I just couldn't stop reading. It made me laugh and cry and so many other emotions. I have to admit, the stories about Danny and his shenanigans just made me laugh out loud. No story has ever touched me, stirred such emotions and stayed with me like yours has. I am sure that Danny is very proud of you for "telling the truth" and that he is with you every moment of the day. He was truly blessed to have you as a Mom and vice versa.
By Mickie Mousseau (Quinn)