Other Works

As a child, when I learned to write I fell in love with communicating using pen and paper. The first time I was published, I was 12 years old. I wrote a poem that appeared in the annual poem book at George J West Middle School in Providence RI, where I was a student. I named my poem, “How Will I know My Love?

Many of my editorials were published in the Bridgeport Post and the Providence Journal.

While raising my four children I wrote little books, and poetry for them filled with stories about their adventures. After my twenty year marriage ended, I wrote a book called, “One Rose Colored Lens.” It was filled with my projections about life as a divorced woman who never knew adult life without a husband. I had been married since I was 17 years old. It went unpublished.

When my four children were teenagers, I began the struggle with my son Danny’s choices in life, I wrote a book called, “Mad Journals of a Codependent” filled with my confusion and my unedited passage through a heartbreaking experience so intense, it almost killed me. 300 pages of my fears and confusion lead me to a self-imposed intervention. I decided not to publish that book, but used it as a spring board toward a proper education about the dynamic of codependency and addiction.

As I continued to write, another book was born and it follows a path toward understanding and unfortunately taught me more than I believed I could handle. My book, Why Whisper? is the ultimate result of my two other books and, it did get published. My prayer is, it will help those who have had to face the death of a child. Why Whisper? is a true story, and a demanding labor of love.

My next book will be a happy book.